It’s important for little girls to have characters to look up to, and also be entertained by the fantasy parts. There are a lot of not-so-good role models out there for younger kids, it’s good to have someone they can relate to on television.

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horror movie opening scene

  • white girl: i dont like this abandoned insane asylum, zack.
  • white boy: come on, amanda, 10 years ago tonight, the famous blood skull killer committed his last murder right here and then vanished.
  • white girl: you're just trying to scare me.
  • white boy: lmao
  • they continue walking for a few seconds
  • *white couple hears noise*
  • white girl: babe what that??
  • white boy: i'll go investigate
  • *leaves her alone*
  • *choking noises*
  • white girl: zack!!!
  • white boy: ha ha just kidding!
  • white girl: asshole!
  • white boy: im just playin babe
  • white girl: that wasnt funny but ur still cute
  • *playful kiss*
  • *things turn sexy*
  • *hear noise*
  • white boy: i'll go investigate
  • *he leaves and then there's a silence for a long time*
  • *maybe a thud*
  • white girl: zack! this isnt funny anymore zack!
  • *she walks and he dead*
  • white girl: ahhh!!
  • *killer shows up with sickle or quirky weapon that distinguishes him from other horror movie villains*
  • white girl: ahhh!!!
  • *white girl runs*
  • *dead end*
  • *hides*
  • *thinks she free n safe*
  • *guy catches her*
  • *cuts her*
  • *she dead*
  • opening title slashes across screen: BLOOD SLICE IN 3-D


when a plan sounds good in your head:


but then you try it out in real life:


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I love it when animals ( SPECIALLY dogs ) are unable to keep their tongue inside their mouth it’s so funny and I just love it so so soo much 

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i dont trust people who are organised enough to balance a fuck ton of school stuff on top of a normal life because you know who else could do that??? fucking light yagami

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i wish i was cute so that i could take selfies and not want to kill myself 

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so beautiful

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$3000? Fuck that shit.


To whoever that’s reading this

Please stay safe, you’re worth so much, you deserve so much more

Please don’t give up

You’re not alone

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why do they even include 2014 as an option when selecting your birth year online like u fresh out the womb ready to join gmail

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Reblog if you’re shorter than 5’8.


If you don’t reblog this, you are on duty to get the cookies off the top shelf. You have been notified.

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Candid photo of Lucifer and the angel he destroyed

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I always end up liking someone or caring about them a lot more than they like or care about me. I’m fucking done with being pushed aside, forgotten, disregarded, and neglected. This week alone, three people who I care deeply about have showed that they don’t feel the same about me. Don’t count on me to be around for you anymore